Assistant Club Manager, Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist


Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

I have always been into sports and fitness and always wanted a career in fitness and since enrolling on a BTEC in fitness at collage I have been in some way developing my knowledge and skills through additional qualifications with many more in the pipeline. My drive and passion comes from my desire to improve myself and help others become the best that they can be in whatever form of training that they many need.


What do you do in your own training?

I use my training as a experiment to improve the level of training for my clients and will always try any exercise and circuit on myself before I ask anyone else do it. I mainly use functional training and movements that are needed for every day living with large compound movements.


Favourite cheat meal?

Hard to choose as there is so many!! But if I had to pick one…. It would be…..A Dominos half and half pizza, with a side of chicken strips and potato wedges!


What are your areas of expertise?

Through my degree I have gained an advanced knowledge of the human anatomy and its workings and aim to use this to help my clients. And specialise in rehabilitation through both hands on treatments and in the gym from sporting injuries to slight postural imbalances. I also aim to educate and train my clients in a way they would never normally train and bring new variety and ideas to how they think about their own work out. Through my own training and training my clients I have lots of experience with Body transformations and weight loss.



BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy
Level 4 Sports Massage
Level 3 Personal training
Level 2 Circuit instructor
Level 2 Indoor studio cycle